I have an announcement to make...
Would you love to be part of the 5% that become super successful at losing weight and keeping it off?
" I'm Looking For 5 More Of My 

☝️ Claire Lost An Amazing 17lbs, Dropped 2 Dress Sizes And Got Her Spark Back In 12 Weeks, NO GYM NO DIETS

☝️ Busy Mum And Business Owner Luci, Melted 8 Pounds And Dropped 5 inches Around Her Waist After Being Stuck At The Same Weight For 10 Years! NO DIETING

If You're The Right Fit For The Program, I Will Personally Coach You Every Week To Help You MELT AWAY YOUR BODY FAT Without The Gym, Whilst Still Eating Your Fave Foods

☝️ BUSY, Working mum Amy Melted Half A Stone, Dropped 5 inches Around her waist and 4 Inches From Her Hips, NO DIETING NO GYM

I Know It's Been Difficult For You, But It's Not Your Fault

You’ve probably got many reasons as to why you’re not happy with your weight or your body shape, maybe you finish a hard days work and you're low on energy so after a few jobs around the house you put your feet up and crack open the wine

Maybe life has hit you hard emotionally and it's drained your motivation to look after yourself

You've just been stuck in a negative cycle for a while now and you’re searching for the quickest way out

You probably find yourself hiding behind baggy clothes and avoiding the mirror, too scared to step on the scales for fear of another emotional beat down 

You want to feel confident, you want to get that spark back, you want to take a slice of your week back for you so you can have some ‘me time’ again 

You imagine a slimmer, sexier, more confident you, you just don’t know how to get there and it’s frustrating for you

The thought of another diet makes your stomach churn, you don’t want to go back down that route again

I get it, it’s been difficult for you, but it’s not your fault

My name’s Adam Grayston and I’ve been transforming the bodies and mindsets of women across the UK and across the world for almost a decade now 

My mission has been to help women MELT AWAY BODY FAT, get their confidence back and do that without gyms, without dieting, without complex programs, and keep the results LONG TERM

I developed a simple, step by step coaching program which has helped transform 100’s of busy women just like you

Where no food is off limits 

Workouts are short and effective

You get dedicated support and guidance from me throughout the program and I will help you develop the tools you need keep the weight off long term and transform your life

How would you feel if you lost 10 – 20lbs in 12 weeks? Or dropped 1 - 2 dress sizes?

What sort of impact would that have on your confidence and your life?

I know you’ve probably got some questions, I know that you probably doubt yourself, so did most women before they joined my program, every single one of my success stories had their doubts too before they joined…see the before and after pictures for how things turned out for them after 12 weeks

Maybe you just want to have a quick 10/15 min chat with me, no commitment, just an informal, relaxed conversation where we can look at what your struggling with, what your goals are and potentially put a best plan together for you if we feel you’re the right fit for the program
It's Time For You To STEP OFF THE ROLLER COASTER And Get Back On Solid Ground
I Made It My Mission To Create This Program For You Because...
🔴    You've Let Your Past Experiences Hold You Back For Too Long

🔴    You've Let Your Goals Be Derailed By Endless Excuses

🔴    You Feel Trapped By Negative Thought Patterns 

I Wanted To Find THE SECRET To A Long Lasting Transformation For Women In Your Exact Position...
I was fresh out of Uni back in 2012, and I was contacted by a local gym to step in as a PT and fitness instructor at the time as I’d done some work there before during my courses as work experience
I knew that there was more to body transformations for busy women than just weight loss, it had a domino effect on their lives if they could keep the weight off, more confidence, higher energy levels, more drive and motivation, they were happier not just in themselves but happier in their relationships and families. 

I knew that weight loss was just the tip of the Iceberg when it came transformations, I knew that I could transform a busy womans life if I could find a way to get them to see their own potential and guide them to body and lifestyle success.

I knew that women could lose weight, become happier, and more confident without the need for a gym, without diets, whilst still eating what they enjoy and still having a few drinks during the week if they wanted to. I watched some of the best coaches in the world achieve this with their clients, and I wanted to achieve that with mine too, I just didn’t know exactly how I was going to do it.

I was frustrated because being a PT immediately set limits on what I could achieve with clients, it was suffocating, it was exhausting and I desperately wanted to change my clients lives with coaching, not just exercise and food advice

I was a PT at the time, I didn’t know much about psychology or coaching and within the space of a year the gym I worked at closed down. I ended up having to start building my client base up from scratch again and learn how to run a business now that I was self employed.

I felt like I was always going to be stuck as a PT, helping people lose weight with PT sessions and never transforming lives with coaching.

4 years went by, I knew a little about coaching and helped a few women in different countries lose weight online from Instagram, but it wasn’t transformation coaching, more like remote PT. 

Then I hit a brick wall, I knew there were amazing transformation coaches out there as I followed them online, but I wasn’t one of them yet and I’d tried for years to get there but I was stuck, dead in the water.

I felt like giving up, I was starting to envision myself as a 50 year old guy still PT’ing in the gym and never transforming lives through coaching.

Seeing and listening to my clients talk ecstatically about how much more energy they had, how they were buying smaller clothes and how much more confident they felt, made me feel amazing too, but I knew it could be short lived unless I was coaching them.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened... I read a book called The Prosperous Trainer and everything changed. I knew that becoming a transformation coach was still possible, he’d done it so I knew I was capable of it too, he’d been a PT, then transitioned to a transformation coach.

From there I was able to map out a highly effective 12 week body and mindset blue print, I didn’t have all the exact details of each section but I had a guide to work off, a blue print from The Prosperous Trainer book that I’d read.

As a direct results of reading that book, I decided to hire him ( Tim Drummond) as my coach, he has a masters degree in behavioral psychology, he is well respected and regarded as one of the top transformation coaches in the UK (he now works with PT’s who want to become coaches). But there was still a problem... I’d never been coached before, I was always trying to coach others, I didn’t know how or if coaching would be right for me.

We still had to deal with my willingness to open up more and be coached, I was also going through a marriage break up at the time which put huge mental pressure on me.

The coaching with Tim, was nothing short of amazing! Within the first few weeks of being coaching my whole perspective on myself and what I could achieve with my clients was exhilarating, it was exciting to know how to actually coach others in such a simple way.

It allowed me to have 10 times more impact on my clients lives, we weren’t just melting body fat and keeping it off, we were able to effortlessly reboot their confidence and motivation.

I was able to transform their lives with just one conversation per week that seemed so effortless to do but it had such a deep, positive impact on their body and mindset, they were completely blown away.

Coaching with Tim allowed me to become a stand out transformation coach for busy women.

It meant that my clients got great results and developed the habits and confidence they needed to stay healthy and in shape, long term. It meant that I was able to have the impact on my clients lives that I always wanted.

In the end, I was able to wake up every day knowing I’d become a transformation coach that was changing waistlines and lives with a simple to understand, easy to implement transformation program, no gym workouts, no dieting, no crazy fads, they could still eat all the food they loved and still have a few drinks on the weekend.

From reading that book, to signing up with Tim, I was super confident now in my abilities to coach, I love coaching, I’m passionate about long term results and my clients are reaping the benefits, the results and testimonials proved that.

This means that you can achieve what you set out to do, even without a perfect start, in fact there isn’t one! I go to sleep at night with a big smile on my face because I know I can take my clients out of the pain and suffering they’re in, and transform them into slimmer, energetic, confident, happier women who have that spark back for life again. 

☝️ Super Busy Business Owner Nathalie, Melted 15 Pounds And Stopped Emotional Eating For The First Time In Years! NO DIETING NO GYMS

MY 4 STEP E.A.S.E METHOD Has Been Responsible For 100's Of My Client Transformations

Evaluation and Aims
This is where we look at where you are now, what you're struggling with and what you're goals are that you want to achieve


Accountability and Support
Each week you get 110% accountability and support from me to help keep you on track, even if you have a bad day, I'm here to help


Simple To Understand
There's nothing I dislike more than complex programs! So I've made this program super simple to understand even your granny could do it


Easy To Implement
Each week, we set 2 - 3 goals that are easy to implement, it's almost effortless, so that it takes less time and less effort to achieve your results

Want To Lose 10 - 20lbs In 12 Weeks WITHOUT Stepping Into A Gym Or Giving Up The Foods You Love?

Imagine How You're Going To Feel When...

You drop 1 - 2 dress sizes and feel confident in what you wear

Eat all your favourite foods, nothing off limits, no dieting EVER AGAIN

Feel energised and burn body fat with 15 min home workouts

Develop the habits you need to stay in shape and stay healthy long term

No more excuses that once held you back

Truly love yourself 

Here's How My Process Works...

STEP 1 - We have a FREE 15 min Transformation Call, we discuss what you're struggling with, what your goals are and see if you're the right fit for my program

**If for whatever reason you're not a good fit, I'll at least give you some advice and guidance to go away with, so you have nothing to lose

STEP 2 - If you are successful, we will schedule in a Zoom call for another day/time to go into more detail about you and put your personalised transformation plan together with you

On the Zoom call you'll have all the details you need and you'll have the opportunity to join my program and start your transformation!

I'm Only Looking For 5 Dream Clients
Book Your Free Call Today!
Coaching Is Flexible, It Easily Fits Into Busy Lifestyles, Around Work, Home And Your Other Commitments
I only like to work with a small number of clients, because I want to make sure you get 110% of my energy and expertise to help maximise your results across 12 weeks

Are you going to stay on the hamster wheel, stuck in a negative cycle everyday? 

Or are you going to join the hundreds of women that took that one small step by booking their FREE 15 minute call which started their life changing transformation

The choice, is yours

- Adam 
© Copyright 2020  - All Rights Reserved, Adam Grayston Body and Mindset Coach

DISCLAIMER: All the results that you see are unique to each client, no 2 clients get the same results, results are not typical, all my clients join the program and follow my step by step process each week for 12 weeks. I'm dedicated to results and I implement my E.A.S.E method with every client, but you must be willing to put in the effort each week if you want the best results from my coaching program.

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